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Public Comment & Amendment Development Process

Fishery management plans and amendments to those plans are developed through a deliberate and transparent process. The process involves coordination among different agencies - the Council (Phase I) and NOAA Fisheries and the Department of Commerce (Phase II). Public comment opportunities are available during each part of the process.

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Amendments Under Development

Click on the + buttons below to view information about amendments under development under each Fishery Management Plan/Topic. You may also submit comments on individual amendments using the links provided.

Amendment Information
Issues Addressed:
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Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 32
Changes to Yellowtail Annual Catch Limit & Accountability Measures
Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 31
Revisions to Recreational Accountability Measures
Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 30
Red Grouper Rebuilding Plan
Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 29
Best Fishing Practices & Powerheads
Snapper Grouper Plan Amendment 42
Options for sea turtle release gears
Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 28
Golden Tilefish: ACL revisions & allowable fishing periods for hook & line
Snapper Grouper Amendment 38
Blueline Tilefish
Snapper Grouper Amendment 46
Private recreational reporting and permitting
Snapper Grouper Amendment 47
Limited entry of for-hire permits for the snapper grouper fishery
Red Grouper management measures
Approved by Council for Formal Review
Long-term management of yellowtail snapper
NOTE: Amendment on Hold
Red snapper
Approved by Council for Formal Review
Recreational management measures: aggregate structure, bag limits, gray triggerfish size limits, and red grouper season
Commercial split seasons and trip limits for the snapper grouper fishery
Amendment Information
Issues Addressed:
Link to Online Comment Form:
Dolphin allocation options (gear-based allocations for commercial sector and allocation shifts)
Amendment on Hold
Amendment Information
Issues Addressed:
Link to Online Comment Form:
Atlantic King Mackerel Boundaries and Trip Limits in the Southern Zone
Possible transfer of management of Atlantic cobia to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
Gulf king mackerel commercial and recreational allocations
Amendment Postponed
Changes to the recreational fishing season for Atlantic Cobia.
Amendment Postponed - Pending ASMFC interstate cobia plan
Amendment Information
Issues Addressed:
Link to Online Comment Form:
Commercial electronic logbooks and requirements
Coming Soon!
Weekly electronic reporting for charter vessels and requirements
Approved by Council for Formal Review
Improved data collection of bycatch/discards in the South Atlantic
Amendment postponed
ABC Control Rule Amendment
Revisions to the control rule for Acceptable Biological Catch: this is a comprehensive amendment that will apply to multiple fisheries
Amendment Information
Issues Addressed:
Spiny lobster Annual Catch Limit and recreational traps
Approved by Council for Formal Review 
Spiny lobster gear requirements and cooperative management procedures
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Amendment Information
Issues Addressed:
Link to Online Comment Form:
Shrimp Amendment 11, Coral Amendment 10, & Golden Crab Amendment 10 
Changes to allowable fishing areas for Golden Crab fishermen and Rock Shrimp
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Council Process - Phase I: This process includes scientific input from the Council's Science & Statistical Committee, development of management alternatives, public input, and often times, deliberation by members of the Council during multiple meetings before being approved for submission to the Secretary of Commerce. Learn more about the Council process.

NOAA Fisheries Process - Rulemaking

NOAA Fisheries Process - Phase 2: Approval of a fishery management plan or amendment by the Council does not mean that the measures automatically become law. Once approved by the Council, the proposed measures go through Secretarial Review, a rigorous process that involves review by NOAA Fisheries, legal review, and most importantly, the opportunity for additional public comment. This part of the process is called “Rulemaking” and includes a proposed rule and final rule. Once the review has been completed, the Secretary of Commerce may approve, partially approve, or disapprove the management measures proposed by the Council. Once the measures become effective, NOAA Fisheries is responsible for implementing and enforcing the measures. NOAA’s Southeast Regional Office is also responsible for collecting data on the region’s fisheries and monitoring landings to track Annual Catch Limits (ACLs). Learn more about NOAA Fisheries and the Southeast Regional Office.