Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 10

Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 10

Amendment on hold until the revised Marine Recreational Information Program data are available.

Proposed actions: This joint amendment contains actions to examine different ways to allocate or share quota between the commercial and recreational sectors for dolphin and yellowtail snapper. For dolphin, the Council wanted to consider creating allocations by gear type in the commercial dolphin fishery between longline and hook and line gears. Options sent out for scoping in August 2016 included a common pool allocation, a reserve category, temporary or permanent shifts in allocation, combined annual catch limits, and creating gear allocations in the commercial dolphin fishery.

Most Recent Council Actions: At the March meeting in 2017, the Council approved the wording in the actions, provided some additional guidance to staff on some of the alternatives to continue development of the amendment. The Council also discussed how MRIP calibrations may affect recreational landings data in the near future and asked for the SSC to examine the maximum amount of uncertainty above which recreational catch estimates would be unreliable for management purposes.

Additionally, the Council directed staff to work with the SE Fisheries Science Center to look at ways to better differentiate dolphin landed by commercial pelagic longline gear that do and do not possess the HMS pelagic longline-related permits.


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Council Process

  • Pre-Scoping:  June 2016
  • Scoping:  August 2016
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