Snapper Grouper Amendment 43

Snapper Grouper Amendment 43

Proposed actions: Council directed staff to begin development of an amendment to address items related to management of red snapper and other directly and indirectly related items that would ultimately result in an adaptive management approach and respond to items in the Vision Blueprint (i.e., recreational stamp, recreational season, time-area closures, etc.).

Most Recent Council Actions:

At the March 2017 Meeting, Council discussed the amendment and provided the following guidance:

Dr. Crabtree stated the Council's current management actions for red snapper have sufficiently addressed overfishing of red snapper and that the next step is to develop an interim methodology to determine a new ABC for the stock. The issue of the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) transition (from the phone survey to the mail survey) has complicated the effort but the current rebuilding plan is working.
Ensure that similar options being developed for the two Vision Blueprint amendments align with options being considered in Amendment 43 (i.e., seasons, bag limit options, best fishing practices, etc.)

Remove Actions 1-5 (biological benchmarks and fishing levels), 6 (area closures), and 11 (accountability measures) and reconsider these actions once a new ABC is recommended by the SSC.

The Council also expressed their intent to consider requiring descending devices at all depths fished and requiring single-hook rigs for all snapper grouper species.

Council also reviewed and discussed adaptive management options for red snapper management and provided staff guidance on several of the actions.

  • Action 7 – closed season to include months June to September (maybe April to October), size limits (16-20 inch and no size limit), no maximum size.
  • Action 8- add closure line 110 and 120 feet, need to address for-hire fleet, closure times would consider spawning season for red snapper and important fishing time (June – August).
  • Action 9- the permit goal is to identify the recreational sector universe, request state partners to develop ideas to improve estimation.
  • Action 10 – add a voluntary option for reporting, remove paper logbooks, and explore vessel or individual reporting.
  • Action 12 – explore adding require of use to the option for alternative 2, add alternatives for single hook rigs.


Council Process

  • Pre-Scoping:  June 2016
  • Scoping:  January/February 2017
  • Public Hearing:  
  • Final Approval:  

NMFS Process

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