Snapper Grouper Vision Blueprint Recreational Regulatory Amendment 26

Snapper Grouper Vision Blueprint Recreational Regulatory Amendment 26

In June 2016, the Council directed staff to begin development of an amendment to address items identified in the Vision Blueprint addressing recreational management measures.  In September 2016 the Council reviewed an options paper and directed staff to prepare a scoping document.

Scoping meetings were held in late January/early February 2017 and the Council reviewed public comments and gave direction to staff at their March 2017 meeting. In June 2017, the Council provided further guidance but did not approve the amendment for public hearings. Actions in the amendment include modification to the composition and limits of the recreational aggregates, measures to reduce discards, establishment or modification of recreational seasons, and gear restrictions/modifications.

During the September 2017 meeting, the Council approved an alternative approach for structuring the amendment that would better reflect the Council’s Vision and how the fishery currently operates. Because of this change, the Council also approved a revised timeline for amendment development with formal approval expected in September 2018.

The Council reviewed analyses and approved the amendment for public hearings at their March 2018 meeting. Public hearings were held via webinar in May 2018.  In June, the Council received public input and decided to narrow the focus of the amendment, removed several actions/sub-actions, and requested that additional public input be obtained in conjunction with scoping hearings for Regulatory Amendment 29 (Best Fishing Practices & Powerheads). As a result, the Council is expected to approve this amendment for formal review in December 2018.



Council Process

  • Pre-Scoping:  September 2016
  • Scoping:  January/February 2017
  • Public Hearing:  May 2018
  • Final Approval:  

NMFS Process

  • Secretarial Review:  
  • Rule Making:  
  • Implementation: