Snapper Grouper Vision Blueprint Recreational Regulatory Amendment 26

Snapper Grouper Vision Blueprint Recreational Regulatory Amendment 26

Proposed actions: Council directed staff to begin development of an amendment to address items identified in the Vision Blueprint addressing recreational management measures.

Most Recent Council Actions: During the 2017 March meeting, the Council proposed:

  • Restructuring of aggregate bag limits - develop alternatives for the deep-water complex and the shallow water grouper complex with individual bag limits; develop alternatives for the 20-fish aggregate bag limit addressing triggerfish, spadefish, and other species; analyze a May-August season for deepwater species and include a single-hook rig option and descending devices.
  • Shallow-water grouper closure - develop alternatives for adjusting the closure and specifically look at options to better align the closure with red grouper spawning.
  • Removal of size limits for deepwater species
  • Modification of minimum size limits for black sea bass - analyze reducing the minimum size limit to 11" and 12" and look at information on distribution of discards.
  • Modify the minimum size limit for gray triggerfish off east Florida to 12."


Council Process

  • Pre-Scoping:  September 2016
  • Scoping:  January/February 2017
  • Public Hearing:  
  • Final Approval:  

NMFS Process

  • Secretarial Review:  
  • Rule Making:  
  • Implementation: