Zack Bowen

Zack Bowen

At-Large Seat
Term(s): 2013-2016

11 Kingsridge Court
Savannah, GA 31419
912-398-3733 phone

Current Employment/Affiliation:

Zack Bowen is a Savannah for-hire fisherman who owns and operates Guess Hoo Charters out of Savannah, GA.  He has owned this business since 2005 and has guided since 1999 for species including snapper, grouper, black sea bass, amberjack, wahoo, king and Spanish mackerel, Tuna, dolphin, and billfish.


In addition to his years of experience offshore, Zack has been an active participant in the Council process, having served on the SAFMC Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel (June 2009 through present), served formerly as vice-chair (October 2009-March 2012), and has served on the King and Spanish Mackerel Advisory Panel from December 2008 through June 2013.  In addition to his Council Advisory Service, Zack has also volunteered and participated in fisheries data workshops for fish stock assessments for red snapper - SEDAR 24 (2011) and black sea bass  -  SEDAR 25 (2011).  He has worked with GA DNR and the federal NOAA Fisheries Service to collect over 500 red snapper in 2009 for both data collection on fish age and growth and in collaboration for genetic research with Texas A&M University.  These samples provided critical information for scientists to better understand the status of the red snapper stocks off GA and the Southeast coast of the US, and look at stock structure between the Gulf of Mexico and the US South Atlantic.

Fisheries Management Philosophy:

“The conservation and sound management of our marine resources is more important today than ever. As a fisherman and conservationist, I understand the significance of a sustainable resource. There are tough decisions to be made when balancing harvest and growth within the fishery. I have been making those decisions for years as a charter boat owner/operator. Without conservation and proper management, our future generations will not be able to enjoy the benefits our South Atlantic has the potential of offering.  Through my interest and participation in Council activities I have learned the role of good science balanced with fishermen’s knowledge to best inform management and good policy. Whether out on the water or sitting at the table,  I strive to demonstrate a clear conservation ethic for the resource and want to foster sustainability for all stakeholder groups.   I am honored to represent Georgia's fishery interests on the Council and look forward to working with my fellow Council members to make the best decisions for the resources and the people who rely on them for their livelihoods and enjoyment.”

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