Fishery Ecosystem Plan II – South Atlantic Ecosystem

South Atlantic Food Webs and Connectivity - coming soon!


South Atlantic Climate Variability and Fisheries - coming soon!


SAFMC Fishery Ecosystem Plan II Implementation Plan 

SAFMC Fishery Ecosystem Plan II Implementation Plan - Two Year Road Map

Ecosystem Modeling

Presentations on Ecosystem Modeling:





  • Exploring the Trophodynamic Signatures of Forage Species in the U.S. South Atlantic Bight Ecosystem to Maximize System-Wide Values.  Thomas A. Okey, Andrés M. Cisneros-Montemayor, Roger Pugliese, Ussif R. Sumaila  (Forage Species in the U.S. South Atlantic Bight)


Ecosystem Health

SALCC State of the South Atlantic

Ecosystem Based Fishery Management Background



Climate Links

Rutgers in collaboration with NOAA Fisheries, built a website called OceanAdapt where users can search and download data on the geographic and depth ranges of more than 650 species of fish and invertebrates and track how those distributions have changed over time: a valuable tool for the fishermen, fishery managers, and scientists who are grappling with the challenge of adapting to a changing ocean environment.