Golden Crab & Rock Shrimp Allowable Fishing Areas Amendment

Golden Crab & Rock Shrimp Allowable Fishing Areas Amendment

(This amendment covers three Fishery Management Plans. The corresponding amendments are the following: Shrimp Amendment 11, Coral Amendment 10, & Golden Crab Amendment 10)

In March 2018, the Council directed staff to begin development of a joint amendment for coral, golden crab, and shrimp to look at access areas for golden crab and rock shrimp harvest in the golden crab northern zone, access areas in the eastern edge of the Oculina Bank Extension established in Coral Amendment 8, shrimp trawl gear stowage requirements when transiting closed areas, and VMS for golden crab vessels.

This is currently an options paper and the Council requested a draft scoping document be presented to them at the June 2018 meeting.

Pre - Scoping

Council Process

  • Pre-Scoping:  March 2018
  • Scoping:  
  • Public Hearing:  
  • Final Approval:  

NMFS Process

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