Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 30

Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 30

The recent red grouper assessment (SEDAR 53) indicated that the stock is undergoing overfishing and is not making adequate progress towards rebuilding, which is supposed to take place by 2020 under the current rebuilding plan.  The Council was formally notified of the red grouper stock status via a letter from NMFS dated September 17, 2017.

The Council has moved to end overfishing through the revised ABC and ACL for red grouper that will be implemented via Abbreviated Framework Amendment 1 but has not yet revised the red grouper rebuilding plan.  Hence, the Council will need to begin development of an amendment to revise the current rebuilding plan before the next red grouper assessment is completed (currently scheduled as a standard assessment in 2021) in order to meet the statutory deadline of September 17, 2019.

At their March 2018 meeting, the Council directed staff to begin work on a framework amendment to revise the red grouper rebuilding schedule.  The Council discussed options at their June 2018 meeting and directed staff to consolidate actions addressing red grouper into Regulatory Amendment 30. Hence, actions to modify the seasonal closure of red grouper in the EEZ off the Carolinas were moved over from the Visioning Amendments (Regulatory Amendments 26 & 27).  In addition, the Council added an action to consider a trip limit for red grouper. Public hearings for this amendment will be held during the September 2018 meeting.



  • Public Hearing are scheduled to be held during the September Council Meeting
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Council Process

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  • Scoping:  June 2018
  • Public Hearing:  September 2018
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