Story Maps

Take a look at each of the links below for a helpful overview of meetings and regulatory topics. The most recent Story Map is at the top of the list.

Story Maps 2018

2018 December Council Meeting

2018 Rescheduled September Council Meeting

2018 Snapper Grouper Amendment 47 (For-Hire Permit Modifications) - Scoping

2018 June Council Meeting

Vision Blueprint Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 26 (recreational) - Public Hearings

Vision Blueprint Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 27 (commercial) - Public Hearings

Snapper Grouper Amendment 42 (sea turtle release gears) - Scoping 

2018 ASMFC's Interstate Management Plan: Atlantic Migratory Group Cobia

2018 March Council Meeting

2018 January Coastal Migratory Pelagics Amendment 31 (management jurisdiction of Atlantic cobia) - Public Hearings

2018 January Spiny Lobster Amendment 13 (bully netting) - Scoping

Story Maps 2017

2017 End of Year Cobia Update

2017 December Council Meeting

ASMFC's Cobia Plan- Updated as of October 

2017 Red Snapper Emergency Action

2017 September Council Meeting

2017 August CMP Amendment 31 (COBIA) - Scoping

2017 August Snapper Grouper Amendment 43 (RED SNAPPER) - Public Hearing 

2017 June Council Meeting

2017 March Council Meeting

Story Maps 2016

2016 December Council Meeting

2016 September Council Meeting

2016 August Snapper Grouper Amendment 41 (MUTTON SNAPPER) - Public Hearing

2016 August CMP Framework Amendment 4 (COBIA) - Public Hearing

2016 August Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 10/ Snapper Grouper Amendment 44

2016 June Council Meeting

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