06/02/14 – REMINDER: SAFMC Scheduled to Meet June 9-13, 2014 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

is scheduled to meet June 9-13, 2014 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  

Briefing book materials, including a detailed agenda, agenda highlights, committee meeting overviews, committee documents, and information on the Informal Q&A and Public Comment Session are now available on the Council's website.

Live broadcasts of the meeting will be available each day.

Register to watch the meeting LIVE via webinar here.

Agenda Highlights

Joint Dolphin Wahoo and Snapper Grouper Committees Meeting

  • Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 7/Snapper Grouper Amendment 33 -  addresses provisions to allow fishermen to bring dolphin and wahoo fillets from the Bahamas into the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone and updates  regulations allowing recreational fishermen to bring back fillets of species in the snapper grouper management complex. The Council is scheduled to approve the amendments for public hearings to be held in August.
  • Generic Accountability Measures and Dolphin Allocation Amendment  -  The amendment includes alternatives to establish consistent accountability measures for several species as well as allocations between commercial and recreational sectors for dolphin (mahi mahi). The Council is scheduled to approve the amendment for August public hearings. 

Snapper Grouper Committee Meeting

  • Amendment 29 (ORCS and gray triggerfish) - the amendment outlines procedures for management of stocks with limited data (only reliable catch stocks) and management alternatives for gray triggerfish including changes to size limits, commercial trip limits, and split seasons.
  • Other amendments scheduled for approval for public hearings  to be held in August 2014: Amendment 32 (reductions in annual catch limits for blueline tilefish) and Amendment 20 (measures for snowy grouper).
  • Regulatory Amendment 17 (MPAs) - The committee will review the scoping document and discuss a potential alternative approach to take out for public scoping meetings to be held in August in conjunction with the public hearings. 

Public Input

Monday, June 9 at 6:00 PM - NOAA Fisheries Listening Session - National Recreational Fishing Policy
NOAA Fisheries is soliciting public input on the development of the National recreational Fishing Policy and holding a listening session in conjunction with the Council meeting.

Wednesday, June 11 at 5:30 PM - Informal Q&A Session  - Led by NOAA Fisheries Regional Administrator Dr. Roy Crabtree and Council Chairman Ben Hartig. 

Thursday, June 12 at 5:30 PM - Public Comment
Formal public comment accepted on all amendments scheduled for Secretarial approval and other agenda items. See the meeting agenda and briefing book materials available at safmc.net/cms for details.