CMP Amendment 30

CMP Amendment 30

Proposed actions:
AMENDMENT POSTPONED AT THIS TIME. This amendment includes one action to change the recreational fishing year for Atlantic cobia.In combination with the proposed changes to the recreational bag/vessel limit and minimum size limit in Framework Amendment 4 (approved by the SAFMC in September 2016), the change to the recreational fishing year is expected to reduce the risk of exceeding the recreational annual catch limit before participants in all states have opportunities to fish for cobia. The proposed measure would impact management of Atlantic cobia, which extends from the FL/GA border northward to NY.

Most Recent Council Actions: In December 2016, the Council decided to postpone further consideration of the amendment until the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission completes the development of an interstate management plan for cobia.


  • Since the further development of the amendment has been postponed, public comments are not being collected at this time
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  • Scoping:  May 2016
  • Public Hearing:  October 2016
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