CMP Framework Amendment 4

CMP Framework Amendment 4

Proposed actions: The amendment address management of Atlantic cobia (GA through NY). Actions include changes to measures for bag limits,minimum size limit, accountability measures (AMs) for recreational harvest of Atlantic migratory group cobia (Atlantic cobia), in addition to establishing a recreational vessel limit and commercial trip limit for Atlantic cobia.

Most Recent Council Actions: In September 2016, the Council approved the amendment for Secretarial review but first made some modifications to the actions including:

  • Action 1-1: Chose preferred Alternative 3f to establish a recreational vessel limit for Atlantic cobia of 6 fish per vessel per day.
  • NOTE: In June 2016, the Council had also selected Alternative 2a in Action 1-1 (recreational bag limit of 1/person) and Alternative 2c in Action 1-2 (36”FL recreational minimum size limit).
  • Action 2: Removed this action from the amendment that would have modified the recreational fishing year for Atlantic cobia.
    • The committee made motions to direct staff to begin work on a CMP plan amendment (CMP Amendment 30) to change the recreational fishing year with a preferred start date of May 1 - April 30 annually. The Gulf Council approved CMP Amendment 30 for formal review at their October 2016 meeting.
  • Action 3: Chose two preferred alternatives -
    • Alternative 2/sub-alternative 2b - The Regional Administrator will reduce thelength of the following fishing year only if the stock ACL (commercial ACL and recreational ACL) is exceeded.
    • Alternative 5/sub-alternative 5b - The Regional Administrator will reduce the recreational vessel limit for the following fishing year only if the stock ACL (commercial ACL and recreational ACL) is exceeded.
    • The Council specified that if there was an overage, NMFS would first reduce the vessel limit (to no fewer than 2/vessel) to mitigate the overage. If the reduced vessel limit is determined to not be effective in keeping landings from exceeding the recreational ACL, then NMFS would apply the reduced season length.
  • Action 4: Created a new Alternative 5 that would establish a commercial trip limit of 2 fish/person/day or 6 fish/vessel/day limit,whichever is more restrictive, and selected Alternative 5 as the preferred alternative.

Amendment Status: Final Approval by Council soon to be submitted for Secretarial Review

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Final - Approval

Council Process

  • Pre-Scoping:  N/A
  • Scoping:  May 2016
  • Public Hearing:  August 2016
  • Final Approval:  September 2016

NMFS Process

  • Secretarial Review:  
  • Rule Making:  August 2017
  • Implementation:  September 5, 2017