Snapper Grouper Amendment 41 (Mutton Snapper)

Snapper Grouper Amendment 41 (Mutton Snapper)

Proposed actions: The amendment contains actions to,revise the biological parameters, catch levels, and management measures for mutton snapper. Specifically, the following actions are proposed:

  1. Specify maximum sustainable yield (MSY) - Preferred Alternative 2
  2. Specify mimimum stock size threshold (MSST) - Preferred Alternative 3. Minimum stock size threshold = 75% of SSBMSY
  3. Revise annual catch limits (ACLs) and optimum yield (OY) -Preferred Sub-alternative 2a. ACL = OY = ABC.
  4. Revise the recreational annual catch target (ACT) - Preferred Sub-alternative 2b. ACT =85% recreational ACL.
  5. Modify the minimum size limit - Preferred Alternative 3. Increase the minimum size limit for mutton snapper in the South Atlantic region to 18 inches total length.
  6. Designate spawning months during with certain commercial and recreational management measures would apply for regulatory purposes - Preferred Sub-alternative 2a. April-June
  7. Modify the recreational bag limit - Preferred Sub-alternative 4c. 5 fish/person/day.
  8. Modify the commercial trip limit - Preferred Alternative 2c. Establish a commercial trip limit for mutton snapper during the “regular season” (i.e., non-spawning months) in the South Atlantic of 500 pounds whole weight; Preferred Alternative 3f. Specify a commercial trip limit for mutton snapper during the “spawning months” in the South Atlantic with a 5 fish/person/day trip limit.

Most Recent Council Actions:
The Council approved the amendment for formal review by the Secretary of Commerce.


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Council Process

  • Pre-Scoping:  December 2015
  • Scoping:  January 2016
  • Public Hearing:  August 2016
  • Final Approval:  

NMFS Process

  • Secretarial Review:  February 2017
  • Rule Making:  January 2018
  • Implementation: