South Atlantic For-Hire Limited Entry Amendment

South Atlantic For-Hire Limited Entry Amendment

Proposed actions: In June 2016, the Council approved a control date of June 15, 2016, for Dolphin Wahoo, Snapper Grouper, and Coastal Migratory Pelagics charter/headboat permits. The Council directed staff to start work on an amendment to consider a limited entry system for Dolphin Wahoo, Snapper Grouper and CMP charter/headboat permits.

Most Recent Council Actions:
In December 2016, the Council removed from consideration limited entry for the coastal migratory pelagics and dolphin wahoo charter-headboat permit. However, the Council directed staff to develop a white paper to explore limited entry options for the for-hire sector in the snapper grouper fishery. The white paper will be reviewed in March 2017.


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