Spiny Lobster Regulatory Amendment 4

Spiny Lobster Regulatory Amendment 4


The Gulf and South Atlantic Science & Statistical (SSC) Committees recommended that the spiny lobster Overfishing Limit and the Acceptable Biological Catch be calculated based on landings data from 1991 through the most recent data (2015/16).

This amendment includes actions to update the Overfishing Limit, the Acceptable Biological Catch and the Annual Catch Limit based on the SSCs’ recommendation, in addition to an action to prohibit traps for recreational harvest of spiny lobster in the South Atlantic EEZ.

In December 2016, the South Atlantic Council provided recommendations for the recreational trap action, which were incorporated into the Gulf Council’s option paper presented at their January/February 2017 meeting.

The South Atlantic Council reviewed the draft amendment in March 2017.

A webinar public hearing was held in May 2017.

Both Councils approved the amendment for formal review in June 2017.  The document was submitted to NMFS for review on July 12, 2017.

The proposed rule published on February 2, 2018.


Council Process

Pre-Scoping: December 2016
Public Hearing: May 2017
Final Approval: June 2017

NMFS Process

Secretarial Review:
Rule Making: Feb 2018