03/20/20 – SAFMC Announcement: South Atlantic Fishery Management Council Seeks Scientific Advisors


March 20, 2020

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The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is soliciting scientists interested in serving on its Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC). Membership is open to any qualified scientist, regardless of affiliation or geographic location. The Council will review applications at its June meeting. Applications received by April 27, 2020 will be submitted to the Council for consideration.

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is one of eight regional fishery management councils in the country. Each council has an SSC responsible for reviewing the scientific basis of council management plans and actions, and developing fishing level recommendations in accordance with national fisheries management guidelines. The South Atlantic Council’s SSC meets at least twice a year to address a broad range of topics, including stock assessments, management action evaluations, social and economic analyses, habitat evaluations and ecosystem management issues. SSC members also play a key role in developing and reviewing stock assessments through participation in SEDAR, the Southeast Data, Assessment, and Review program. SAFMC SSC members serve 3-year terms and may be appointed to multiple terms.

Anyone with expertise and experience in the areas of fisheries biology, population dynamics, fisheries research and monitoring, and social and economic analyses of natural resources, especially as applied to fish species in the South Atlantic, is encouraged to apply by submitting a CV, NMFS Financial Disclosure Statement, and a cover letter. The cover letter should highlight qualifications and experience, and indicate receipt and acceptance of the SAFMC SSC job description.

Application materials including the required financial disclosure form and SAFMC SSC job description, and details on the application process, may be obtained by contacting Mike Errigo at the SAFMC mike.errigo@safmc.net or (843) 302-8441.