CitSciMonth: FISHstory Volunteer Highlight

Throughout April, we will be sharing a series of blogs highlighting the people who power the Council's Citizen Science Program


Meet a FISHstory Volunteer

The pilot project FISHstory has allowed us to reach volunteers outside the South Atlantic region through the crowdsourcing platform Zooniverse. This platform allows users from all over the globe to participate in citizen science projects. We caught up with one of our amazing volunteers, Lydia, to talk about her experience with FISHstory. 


Lydia's Experience

We asked Lydia how she found FISHstory and why she decided to participate. Here is what she had to say:

"I'm Lydia. I currently live in San Diego, California, where I'm focused on my college education. My greatest passion is writing, which is why I'm majoring in journalism. However, I also possess a deep love of animals and nature. I discovered the Zooniverse citizen science platform while volunteering at the San Diego Zoo. Participating in animal identification projects became my new favorite hobby. Although I started out with projects involving African mammals, I began to expand my horizons to work on projects involving a wide range of species and habitats. 

I enjoy helping with FISHstory because picking out and categorizing different species of fish is extraordinarily engaging. It's like a treasure hunt; I can carefully scour the photographs and see what catches my eye. I have learned so much about the wonderfully diverse species of saltwater fish in Florida. From mackerels to snappers, each one is unique in appearance and ecosystem role, and I love being able to figure out their differences. Interacting with fish researchers in Talk and bringing specimens to their attention is a rewarding experience. Since I was born in Florida, FISHstory allows me to stay in touch with my roots. As a child, my grandfather often took me fishing in the marsh behind his house."


Thank you!

Please join us in thanking Lydia and all of our amazing FISHstory volunteers for their work on this exciting project!

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