CitSciMonth: Operations Committee & Projects Advisory Committee



Operations Committee:

The Citizen Science Operations Committee is made up of representatives from each of the Citizen Science Action Teams, the Council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee, and NOAA’s Southeast Regional Office.  They help develop program recommendations, review policies, and provide overall advice.

Over the last year, they worked to develop the Citizen Science Program’s vision, mission, goals, objectives, and indicators - laying out where we want the program to go, a roadmap of how to get there, and ways to help evaluate if the program is doing what we want it to do. 

Name Organization Seat
Holly Abeels Florida Sea Grant CitSci Communications & Outreach Action Team
Scott Baker North Carolina Sea Grant CitSci Projects Topics Management Action Team
Michelle Duval Mellivora Consulting CitSci Finance and Infrastructure Action Team
Brett Fitzgerald Angler Action Foundation CitSci Data Management Action Team
Bob Lorenz SAFMC Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel CitSci Volunteer Action Team
Wally Bubley South Carolina Department of Natural Resources SSC representative
Rick DeVictor SERO NOAA SERO representative
Erik Williams  SEFSC - Beaufort  NOAA SEFSC representative



Projects Advisory Committee Members:

The Projects Advisory Committee is made up of members from the Council’s fishery, Habitat & Ecosystem, and Outreach & Communication Advisory Panels. They help identify citizen science research and data needs across all of the Council’s fishery management plans and provide guidance on volunteer engagement strategies. 

Name State Seat
Scott Baker North Carolina SAFMC Outreach & Communications AP
Steve Donalson Florida SAFMC Mackerel Cobia AP
David Glenn North Carolina SAFMC Habitat & Ecosystem AP
Jimmy Hull Florida SAFMC Snapper Grouper AP
Bob Lorenz North Carolina SAFMC Snapper Grouper AP
Jon Reynolds Florida SAFMC Dolphin Wahoo AP
Tom Roller North Carolina SAFMC Mackerel Cobia AP
Jeff Soss South Carolina SAFMC Habitat & Ecosystem AP
Justin Smith North Carolina SAFMC Spiny Lobster AP
Mimi Stafford  Florida SAFMC Spiny Lobster AP

We’re lucky to have both teams’ expertise and experience helping guide our program! 


Meet a Member - Rick DeVictor

"I am the South Atlantic Branch Chief at the National Marine Fisheries Service in St. Petersburg, Florida. I work on interdisciplinary plan teams responsible for writing fishery management plans by compiling and analyzing environmental, biological, socioeconomic, and other technical data to support the implementation of fishing regulations. I received a BS in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston in 1997 and an MS from Nova Southeastern University in 2002. From 2001 to 2010, I was employed by the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council in Charleston, SC, where I worked on issues related to species in the Snapper Grouper Fishery Management Unit. I believe that engaging interested citizens in the collection and analysis of data has great potential to improve management of our fisheries. At the same time, participants will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the scientific and management processes."

Thank you, Rick!