Bycatch Reporting Amendment

Bycatch Reporting Amendment


Proposed actions: This amendment's further development has been postponed.

The action in the Bycatch Reporting Amendment considers improvements in bycatch/discard data collection methods to better quantify all sources of fishing mortality in South Atlantic fisheries.  Alternatives consider expanding aspects of the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program’s Release, Discard and Protected Species Module to coastal migratory pelagic (SA Council area only) and dolphin and wahoo fisheries; and also implementing a commercial observer program at 2-5% coverage levels for snapper grouper, coastal migratory pelagic (SA Council area only), dolphin and wahoo, and golden crab vessels.

Based on discussions at the September 2014 Council meeting, the SEFSC/SERO agreed to draft a comprehensive bycatch reporting system for the southeast.  The SEFSC and SERO will provide an update on their efforts at each Council meeting.  The Council’s intent is that the bycatch reporting system would be specified and implemented though this amendment

The Council received a briefing from NMFS at the March 2016 meeting and has postponed development until after NMFS publishes the rule for the Standard Bycatch Reporting Methodology.

The Council continues to receive updates.

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