Customizable Citizen Science App


The role of citizen science is an evolving and potentially powerful tool to better understand marine fish populations. With that in mind, the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program has partnered with the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries to develop a mobile application that encourages and supports the capture and sharing of information about Atlantic coast fish.

We're hosting a series of workshops in March and April 2021 to ensure we create something that meets the needs of all potential users. We need your help to develop this application!



To prepare for the workshops, we invited fishermen, fisheries scientists, fisheries managers, and other interested community members to share what they want out of a citizen science mobile application via a short questionnaire. Data collection through the questionnaire closed on February 15, 2021 at 5pm.

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their perspectives! Your feedback will help serve as our starting point for discussions at the Town Hall meetings.




Town Hall Meetings

Want to play a larger role in the development of the citizen science application? Consider participating in one of our virtual town hall meetings. Participants only need to attend one of the two meetings.

The virtual Town Halls will be on:

  • Tuesday, March 9th from 5-7pm EST
  • Thursday, March 11th from 10am to 12pm EST

The purpose of the Town Halls is to bring together stakeholders from across our fisheries community to help identify the most useful and interesting insights that could be collected through a Citizen Science mobile application. You may have already contributed to the process by responding to our questionnaire. At the Town Halls we will dig deeper to really understand your needs.

To get ready for the Town Halls:
  • Visit the platform ( that we will be using to host the Town Halls to sign up for the meeting you would like to attend. To access the platform (called “KI Storm”), you will need to set up an account – which should only take a few seconds.
  • Indicate which of the two Town Halls you would like to attend on the ‘Start Here’ page of the platform - you only need to participate in one.
  • “Save the Date” in your calendar and return to the platform on the day of the Town Hall where you will see a large “Join Zoom” button that will allow you to join the meeting.


Here are a few more details that may help you prepare for the Town Halls.
  • This will be a participatory workshop - anticipate meeting and discussing your interests in small groups with fellow fishermen, scientists, and fisheries managers.
  • The virtual meetings will be held in Zoom, a website for video and audio conferencing. We encourage you to have the most recent version installed on your device. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you can download it HERE for free.
  • If you can participate from a computer, laptop, or tablet -  as opposed to your phone - that may make things easier. We will be inviting you to capture your thoughts on KI Storm during the workshop and it will be useful to have it open in a browser at the same time.
  • Finding a quiet place with good broadband will make your experience, and that of colleagues, much nicer.

Have questions or want additional information?

Contact SAFMC Staff:

  • Julia Byrd at or
  • Allie Iberle at