CMP Framework Amendment 8

CMP Framework Amendment 8

King mackerel trip limits, Season 2

At the March 2019 meeting the Council reviewed Mackerel Cobia Advisory Panel concerns regarding low commercial trip limits in the Atlantic southern zone during season two (October to the end of February). During the winter months, fishermen are only able to fish a small number of days due to the weather. Additionally, due to changes in the fishery, more fish are on the market during this time of the year, resulting in lower prices. When the weather is decent, Advisory Panel members felt it would be helpful if fishermen had access to a higher trip limit to make trips worthwhile. The Council directed staff to begin work on a framework amendment to address season two trip limits for Atlantic king mackerel.

At the June 2019 meeting the Council approved actions and alternatives to be included in Framework Amendment 8. The Council also requested emergency action to raise the season two trip limit south of the Flagler/Volusia County line from 50-fish to 75-fish for the 2019/2020 season. This amendment is intended to make a permanent change to the season two trip limit. At the September 2019 meeting the Council reviewed the analysis and added an additional alternative which they subsequently selected as their preferred (100-fish during season 2 with no step up in February). The amendment was approved for public hearings which will occur via webinar October 29-30, 2019. At the December 2019 meeting the Council will review public comment, updated analysis and consider approval for formal review.


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