CMP Framework Amendment 9

CMP Framework Amendment 9

(Commercial Spanish Mackerel Accountability Measures)

During the June 2019 meeting the Council reviewed concerns from the Mackerel Cobia Advisory Panel and directed staff to prepare a white paper with a thorough analysis of effort in the commercial Spanish mackerel fishery. The white paper also included discussion of possible avenues to control effort, including: a limited access commercial permit, a limited access gillnet endorsement in the southern zone, and collaboration with state agencies.

Staff presented the results contained in the white paper during the September 2019 meeting. After reviewing the white paper the Council directed staff to begin an amendment to address commercial Atlantic Spanish mackerel accountability measures and trip limits for the Northern Zone. The Council will review a draft public hearing document at the December 2019 meeting with the intent to approve the amendment for Secretarial review during a special Council Meeting webinar set to occur in January 2020.



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