Coral Amendment 10

Coral Amendment 10

(Allowable Fishing Areas for Deep Water Shrimp)

In September 2019, the Council directed staff to remove actions related to coral habitat areas of particular concern (CHAPCs) from the joint amendment with Golden Crab Amendment 10 and Shrimp Amendment 11. This was to include one action to explore expanding CHAPCs based on recent mapping and remotely operated vehicle dives which found extensive coral habitat east of the Stetson Miami Terrace CHAPC and one action to revise the eastern boundary of the Oculina Bank CHAPC, which was expanded in Coral Amendment 8. The Council requested this item be put on the June 2020 agenda. However, due to Covid-19, it was delayed until a later Council meeting. The Council during the September 2020 meeting recommended proceeding to develop Coral Amendment 10 to include one action considering establishing a shrimp fishery access area along the Eastern boundary of the Northern extension of the Oculina Bank CHAPC. 

The Habitat and Ecosystem, Coral, and Deepwater Shrimp Advisory Panels reviewed an options paper and provided guidance and recommendations on proposed changes. Those comments were provided to the Council at their December 2020 Meeting for consideration and discussion. At that meeting, the Council approved the amendment for scoping sessions to be held in early 2021.

Scoping meetings were held via webinar in February 2021.

During the March 2021 meeting, the Council approved Coral Amendment 10 for public hearings to be held May 12 & 13, 2021.

See the story map for information on discussions at the 2021 March Council Meeting.

The Council will review comments received during public hearings at the 2021 June Council meeting. They will consider the amendment for final approval during the 2021 September Council Meeting.


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  • Public Hearing:  May 2021
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