Anna Barrios Beckwith

Anna Bell Beckwith

At-Large Seat
Terms: 2012-2015: 2015-2018, 2018-2021
252-671-3474 phone

Current Employment/Affiliation:

Mrs. Beckwith owns Down East Guide Service, a North Carolina recreational fishing guide service and managing partner of Dragin Fly Sportfishing based out of Los Suenos Marina Costa Rica, which is an international travel agency for sport fishermen. She has served in the At Large Seat of the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council since 2012.


Ms. Beckwith previously served on the  North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission from 2009-2015. She serves on NMFS Highly Migratory Species Advisory Committee and the ICCAT Advisory Panel.  Anna is intimately involved in fisheries issues and has extensive experience working with various stake holders on sensitive and complicated issues. She has a strong business background as well as experience in research science and education.

Fisheries Management Philosophy:

"For fisheries management to succeed managers and stakeholders must be knowledgeable and involved. In order to make informed recommendations, it is necessary that a manager understands the scientific background that plays into decisions, as well as the needs of the stakeholders. Managers should strive to balance resource use and protection that allows true conservation at a sustainable level. The data used as the foundation for decisions should be sound and defensible, grounded in optimum data collection and analysis techniques with resulting regulations being practical and enforceable.

When the resource can sustain harvest, managers should strive to maximize benefits for all resource users, both traditional and new, large and small. When appropriate managers should incorporate regional management strategies that will best benefit the largest number of users and maximize the protection of target species. Managers should encourage technology, techniques and management strategies that minimize bycatch from all user groups while maximizing profitability of commercial users and fishing opportunities/trip satisfaction of recreational users. Where possible managers should strive to have multiple species available for resource users at one time thus reducing shifting and concentrating efforts on available fisheries."