Jack Cox

At-Large Seat
Term: 2013-2016

2010 Bridges Street
Morehead City, NC 28557

Current Employment/Affiliation:

Owner of Crystal Coast  Fisheries in Morehead City, NC.


Jack has a diverse background that includes commercial fishing, charter fishing, working as a SCUBA instructor, and graduate studies in business at East Carolina University.

He has been involved in seafood sales for nearly two decades and in 1996 opened his own seafood wholesale company, acting as a broker for five snapper grouper boats. In 2005, he became a co-owner of Blue Ocean Seafood, a retail seafood market and member of the Carteret Catch Program promoting sustainable seafood.  Jack has been actively involved in fisheries management, serving on the NC Marine Fisheries Commission, and the Marine Fisheries Advisory Board for Carteret County. He has also been involved in fisheries at the federal level, serving on the Council's Limited Access Privilege Program Workgroup in 2007-2008 and more recently the Marine Protected Area Workgroup this past year. Jack continues to be an avid diver, exploring the local waters off the Crystal Coast as well as Costa Rica and Panama.

Fisheries Management Philosophy:

"As a commercial seafood harvester, it is my duty to become a leader in the area of conservation. Conservation and management of living marine resources requires a partnership and shared effort."