Dr. Kyle Christiansen

Term: 2018-2021
912/756-7560 (ph); 912/756-7564(f)

Current Employment/Affiliation:

I am currently a practicing veterinarian and co-owner of Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill, GA since 1997.  More recently, a partner and myself opened 17 South Rod & Gun Club, a full service shooting facility in Liberty County, GA.


Growing up in South Georgia has afforded me the opportunity to spend most of my free time either on the water or in it, from fresh water ponds and rivers to coastal fishing out to the gulfstream.  In the past 10 years I have become more active on the management level of this resource, participating in local fishing clubs, scoping meetings and being on the Dolphin/Wahoo Advisory Panel since 2009.  Attending the MREP seminar in Tampa helped me understand the process of data collection and implementation on the Council level.  It was during these seminars that I became interested in participating in the Council process if the opportunity ever arose.

Fisheries Management Philosophy:

The South Atlantic fisheries are public resources. It is our responsibility to protect them for future generations to enjoy both as recreational fishermen or commercial enterprise.  In order to do this, we as a council must consider all sources of data, both scientific and practical based, in order to manage this resource responsibly.