Mark Brown

Term(s): 2014-2017

3642 Pandora Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466
843-881-9735 Phone

Current Employment/Affiliation:

Owner/Operator Charter Boat Teaser, Inc. 20 passenger Charter/Headboat Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant, SC.


42 years in the for hire and commercial fishing business.

I have participated in and attended many fisheries management meetings spanning back to my first in 1979. I have also been a panelist and observer/attendee of recent SEDARS and other management venues to include:

  • SEDAR 24 SA Red Snapper (Data Workshop Attendee) May 2010
  • Public Hearing April 2011
  • SEDAR 25 SA Black sea bass & Golden Tilefish (Workshop Attendee) April 2011
  • SEDAR 28 Cobia & Spanish Mackerel (Data Workshop Attendee) February 2012
  • Public Hearing January 2013
  • MPAEWG Marine Protected Area Expert Work Group (Work Group Panelist) February 2013
  • SEDAR 32 Gray Triggerfish and Blue line Tile (Data Workshop Panelist) February 2013
  • SAFMC Meeting Charleston, SC (Attendee/Public Comments) February 2013
  • SEDAR 38 King Mackerel (Data Workshop Attendee) December 2013
  • ACCSP: 2014 Current Member

Fisheries Management Philosophy:

I learned many valuable life lessons growing up in a small fishing community (Ponce Inlet, FL),
including an understanding of our beautiful natural resources. My father who was a fisherman
took the time to explain certain occurrences that impacted the environment of our rivers, bays,
inlets and oceans. He was passionate about protecting these resources.

He showed me how development causes erosion of our beaches and waterways. He explained
to me how runoff from our roads, sewer systems and general development causes pollution and
he explained to me how fishermen could unintentionally over-fish areas of the ocean and in the
future would struggle to have a good harvest. He inspired me to become active in discussions to
support a sustainable fishery for future generations.

With my father’s wisdom and insight coupled with historical knowledge, I too have seen first
hand these things that have brought me to an understanding that effective management and the
regulatory process is crucial in order to keep our natural resources healthy and sustainable. I
believe that an open and factual dialogue amongst fishermen, scientists, and environmental
groups is necessary in order to accomplish a solution that is favorable to all involved.