Volume III – Human and Institutional Environment

Coastal Communities in the South Atlantic

Introduction – Contains information on methodology used to define and characterize communities and data caveats.

North Carolina Communities (2.3 MB)

South Carolina Communities (1.2 MB)

Georgia Communities 

Florida Communities (7 MB)

Fisheries under SAFMC Management – Contains detailed descriptions of fisheries including gear and vessel descriptions, economic characteristics and bycatch.

Penaeid and Deepwater Shrimp

Snapper Grouper

Golden Crab and Coastal Migratory Pelagics

Spiny Lobster, Coral and Sargassum

Dolphin Wahoo and Calico Scallop

Other Managed Fisheries

Menhaden and Striped Bass

Sciaenids, Bluefish and Southern Flounder

Horseshoe Crab and Highly Migratory Species

Spatial Presentations of Commercial Landings for SA Species (1990-2006) from ACCSP