Ecosystem Research Workshop 2005


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Research and Monitoring Workshop

Ecosystem Management in the South Atlantic Region

November 16-18, 2005

Town and Country Inn and Conference Center
2008 Savannah Highway, Charleston, South Carolina 29407
(800) 334-6660 or (843) 571-1000 / Fax (843) 766-9444

List of Participants

Development of Fishery Ecosystem Plan for the South Atlantic Region

  • Evolution to Ecosystem Management in the South Atlantic Region -- Roger Pugliese, SAFMC download pdf
  • Support tools: Habitat and Ecosystem Homepage and IMS -- Tina Udouj, FWRI download pdf
  • Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management: Getting Beyond the Conceptual Phase -- Chad Hanson, FWC download pdf

Calculate and characterize landings, effort, catch location, discards, and bycatch:

rudershausen_fish.jpgStock Assessment and Research  on SAFMC Managed Species


Describe habitat needs of different life history stages for all managed species:

Fishery-Independent Regional Research 

  • SCDNR Research and Monitoring: Habitat Needs of Different Life History Stages of Managed Reef Species -- George Sedberry and Patrick Harris, SCDNR download pdf
  • SEAMAP-SA (SouthEast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program - South Atlantic) Shallow Water Trawl Survey -- Jeanne Boylan, SCDNR download pdf
    • SEAMAP 5-year plan

Fishery-Independent State Research

  • Fishery Independent Surveys for Finfish and Shrimp - North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries Division of Marine Fisheries -- Katy West, NCDMF download pdf
  • South Carolina Fishery-Independent Research: An Ecosystem View -- Dale Theiling, SCDNR download pdf
  • Georgia Fishery Independent Surveys - Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Resources Division -- Patrick Geer, GDNR download pdf

coast_aereal.jpgHabitat and Ecosystem Research 

Protected Species Research 

Develop a conceptual model of the food web:

Food Web Modeling in the South Atlantic Region

Trophic Characterization of EFH-HAPCslarvae_Llopiz.jpg

  • Trophic Characterization of the Charleston Bump -- Sarah Goldman, College of Charleston, and George Sedberry, SCDNR download pdf
  • Towards Elucidating the Role of Larval Fish in the Planktonic Food Web -- Joel Llopiz and Robert Cowen, University of Miami download pdf

Approaches to Ecosystem Modeling in the South Atlantic Region

  • Habitat Suitability Modeling: Linking Fish and Invertebrate Data to Estuarine and Marine Habitats In Florida -- Peter Rubec and Jesse Lewis, FWRI download pdf
  • Applications of Optimization Algorithms and Habitat Models for Marine Ecoregional and Marine Ecosystem-based Management -- Pat Halpin and Michael Coyne, Duke University download pdf   
  • Practical Approaches to Ecosystem-based Management -- Joshua Sladek Nowlis, NOAA SEFSC and Kristin Kleisner, University of Miami dowlnoad pdf
  • The Chesapeake Bay Fisheries Ecosystem Model in support of an Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management -- Howard Townsend, NOAA Cheseapeake bay Office download pdf
  • A Biophysical Lagrangian Model of Larval Dispersal Kernels from Spawning Aggregations in the Caribbean -- Claire Paris, University of Miami download pdf

Define the geographical boundaries of the ecosystem, including characterization of its biological, chemical and physical dynamics:

Mapping and Habitat Characterization

 Research in National Marine Sanctuaries =left>

  • Mapping the Benthic Habitats of Gray's Reef -- Greg McFall et al, GRNMS download pdf
  • Benthic and Contaminant Studies at GRNMS and Nearby Shelf Waters of the SAB -- Jeff Hyland and Cynthia Cooksey, NOAA/CCEHBR download pdf

Artificial Reef Research

  • South Carolina Marine Artificial Reef Program -- Mel Bell, SCDNR download pdf

Establish long-term monitoring:

CARO-COOPS.jpgOcean Observing Systems and Fisheries Oceanography in South Atlantic Region 

  • SEACOOS and Fisheries Oceanography -- Karen Edwards, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill download pdf
    • SEACOOS -- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • The Carolinas Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System (CARO-COOPS) -- Rebecca Shuford et al., University of South Carolina download pdf
  • Physics to Fish: Using Coastal Observations to Identify Ecosystem Conditions, Responses and Linkages - Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program -- Lynn Leonard et al. University of North Carolina at Wilmington download pdf
    • CORMP -- University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • SABSOON – Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
  • Using High Resolution Coastal Ocean Simulations in Relation to Ecosystem-based Management -- Jerome Fiechter et al., University of Miami download pdf
  • Institute for Marine Remote Sensing, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida: Contributions to COOS -- Carrie Wall, University of South Florida download pdf


Develop indices of ecosystem health:

Indicators of Ecosystem Health

mangroves.jpgRestoration Research

  • South Florida Ecosystem Restoration: Development of Ecological Indicators and Performance Measures -- Joan Browder, NOAA SEFSC download pdf

Existing Research and Monitoring Plans in the South Atlantic download pdf

  • Oculina Research and Monitoring (In Oculina Evaluation Plan
  • Deepwater Coral Research and Monitoring Plan (under development)
  • Sargassum Research and Monitoring Plan (under development)
  • Ocean Observing Systems to Support Fisheries Oceanography Research (under development)
  • Habitat Characterization and Mapping Strategy to Support the Coral, Coral Reef and Live/Hard Bottom Fishery Management Plan (under development)