Private Recreational Reporting

My Fish Count and so do yours! 


Recreational anglers have a voice and MyFishCount helps them use it.  The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, in partnership with the Angler Action Foundation and Elemental Methods, launched the pilot recreational reporting app (MyFishCount) and website ( in 2017 for anglers to report information about fishing trips, catches, and releases.  Not only is the information you enter at your fingertips to help you track your fishing trips, but it is also available to SAFMC fishery managers.  Your information is kept confidential and is valuable to help understand recreational fishing behavior and trends.  Better data means better management for recreational fisheries in the South Atlantic so Catch it, Shoot it, Log it.


Download the free MyFishCount app today to start logging your trips. An updated version of the app is now available that incorporates anglers’ suggestions such as a weather function and new reporting options. Visit the new website to check out the new look and features including a photo gallery.


About MyFishCount

The idea for MyFishCount grew from the need to get more information on red snapper trips and catches during the short annual openings beginning in 2017. Since then, the project has expanded to allow reporting for other species, many of which are managed by the Council.

During 2019, the project’s focus has been on recruitment and retention: recruiting new MyFishCount users and keeping current ones actively using the app/website. These are crucial components for electronic reporting projects, whether voluntary or mandatory.

The data we gather can potentially help with stock assessments, analyses for bag and size limits, estimates of length and weight, protecting important fishing sites from ocean development, and more.  Better data equals better management, so do your part and download and use MyFishCount today!

If you would like to read about the findings from the first two years of the MyFishCount pilot project, click Here.

MyFishCount is a big proponent for the use of best fishing practices. Learn more here: