SAFMC Habitat Plan

In addition to the Essential Habitat Plan, the Council also has fishery management plans related to other habitats including:

Essential Habitat Plan


Table of Contents, Pages 1-15
This section includes a listing of the textual contents as well as a list of figures and tables. Also included are the Purpose and Need (section 1) and Summary (section 2) of the document.

Pages 16-144
This section includes material from section 3, Description and Use of Essential Fish Habitat. Topics covered include conservation, distribution, and characteristics of estuarine, inshore, marine and offshore habitats (through Section

Pages 145-164
This section begins with a continuation of Table 18b, a taxonomic list of juvenile fishes, and continues describing water column habitats.

Pages 165-168
Section 3.3.1, Penaeid and Deepwater Shrimp, begins on page 165. This section contains illustrations of pink, brown and white shrimp.

Pages 169-177
Figures 12 through 20 are included in this section, describing the distribution of white, pink and brown shrimp in the South Atlantic.

Pages 178-190
This section includes a essential fish habitat for shrimp species and begins section 3.3.2, describing red drum habitat ans distribution.

Pages 191-194
This section includes figures 25 through 28, showing red drum distributions in the South Atlantic.

Pages 195-210
This section outlines the red drum essentail fish habitat and begins section 3.3.3, describing the characteristics of the snapper-grouper management complex.

Pages 211-216
This section includes figures 30 through 35, illustrating distribution of select species within the snapper-grouper complex.

Pages 217-230
This section covers information regarding the essential fish habitat for the snapper-grouper complex and begins section 3.3.4 on coastal pelagics.

Pages 231-238
This section includes figures describing the distribution of coastal pelagics in the South Atlantic.

Pages 239-287
This section concludes the information for coastal pelagics, distribution and essential habitat, and covers section 3.3.6 regarding spiny lobster. This section also covers section 3.3.7 discussing coral, coral reefs and live/hard bottom habitats as well as sections regarding calico scallops, sargassum and other species managed by the SAFMC.

Pages 288-356
This section covers topics of potential threats to essential fish habitat such as pollution, natural disasters, commercial and industrial activities as well as the cummulative impacts of these events.

Pages 357-384
Section 5 discusses the Council's recommendations for conserving essential fish habitats.

Pages 385-398
Section 6 suggests issues of essential fish habitat that should be addressed through scientific research.

Pages 399-407
This section includes the names of all preparers of this document.

Pages 408-457
This section includes a list of all referenced materials.

Appendix A
Coastal wetland distribution in the South Atlantic states.

Appendix B (1-13)
Environmental Sensitivity Index: SC, and Shoreline Habitat Descriptions

Appendix B (14)
Environmental Sensitivity Index Map: South Carolina

Appendix B (15-27)
Environmental Sensitivity Index: NC

Appendix B (28)
Environmental Sensitivity Index Map: NC

Appendix C
Seagrass Distribution Maps for North Carolina and Florida

Appendix D
Oyster/Shell Habitat Distribution in North and South Carolina Estuaries

Appendix E
SEAMAP Hardbottom Maps for the South Atlantic Region

Appendix F
Estuarine Living Marine Resource Habitat Utilization Maps

Appendix G
Sources of Energy and Predators and Association of Corals

Appendix H
Habitat Subcommittee Recommendations Concerning Impacts of Gear

Appendix I
ASMFC Habitat Statement

Appendix J
Habitat Laws

Appendix K
EPA Region 4 Ocean Dumping Program Summary

Appendix L
Marpol Annex V-Garbage Disposal Restrictions

Appendix M
The Effects of Fishing on Fish Habitat

Appendix N
SAFMC Project and Policy Review Process and NMFS 1997 Project Review and Habitat Activities Summary

Appendix O
Status and Availability of Essential Fish Habitat Information-Southeast Habitat Partners

Appendix P
Level of Available EFH Information for Species Managed by the SAFMC

Appendix Q
South Carolina Offshore Fishing Reefs: Locations, Bearings, and Description

Appendix R
Ecology of Neonate Logerhead Turtles Inhabiting Pelagic Fronts Near Florida Current

Appendix S
Acoustic Sampling to Identify Red Drum, Spotted Seatrout, and Black Drum Spawning Locations in South Carolina and Georgia

Comprehensive Amendment to Address Essential Fish Habitat

Document Cover Sheet and Table of Contents

  • Pages 1-14 - This section covers the purpose and need for the document, including a summary of environmental consequences.
  • Pages 15-75 - This section covers environmental consequences (Section 4.0), including alternative actions and impacts.
  • Pages 76-142 - This sections addresses threats to essential fish habitat (which are located in Section 4 of the Essential Final Habitat Plan Document), recommendations, research needs. A list of preparers is included in this section, as well as responsible agencies and referenced materials.
  • Appendices
  • Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Environemtnal Assessment
    This integrated document contains all elements of the Comprehensive Amendment, Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS)/Environmental Assessment (EA), Regulatory Impact Review (RIR), and Social Impact Assessment (SIA)/Fishery Impact Statement (FIS).