Web Mapping Applications

Web Mapping Applications

SAFMC Managed Areas

This application provides users an opportunity to view managed areas in the SAFMC's jurisdiction. The application contains data for the Allowable Golden Crab Fishery Areas, Shrimp Fishery Access Areas, and Deepwater Coral HAPCs. The application also includes SAFMC Restrictions, Marine Protected Areas, Oculina CHAPC, Danger Zones, and other Federal Marine Managed Areas. It requires Flash Player.

SAFMC Fisheries

This application displays fishery independent data collected by the SEAMAP - South Atlantic (SA) component and by the Marine Resources Monitoring, Assessment, and Prediction (MARMAP) program. The application also contains several base layers and data from EcoGIS.


This application displays Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) and Essential Fish Habitat-Habitat Areas of Particular Concern (EFH-HAPCs) for several species under SAFMC's jurisdiction. It also displays EFH for Highly Migratory Species (HMS) managed by NOAA Fisheries