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South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

home-1SAFMC, headquartered in Charleston, S.C., is responsible for the conservation and management of fish stocks within the federal 200-mile limit of the Atlantic off the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and east Florida to Key West.

The role of the council is to develop fishery management plans needed to manage fishery resources within federal waters. The area encompassing federal waters, sometimes referred to as the Exclusive Economic Zone or EEZ, extends offshore from state waters (three miles in the South Atlantic) to 200 nautical miles.

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This quarter's issue of the South Atlantic Update features stories about how fisheries have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including a series of interviews with commercial fishermen, charter fishermen, fish market owners, and restaurant owners.

Visit the link to read their stories:
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05/29/20  ·  

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Become a part of FISHstory today!

The #FISHstory project includes photos from several docks and fish camps in #DaytonaBeach, Florida, including Inlet Harbor and Timmons Fishing Camp. Where did these fishermen go to catch fish?

Rusty Hudson shared this waterproof chart from the Halifax Sport Fishing Club which was used aboard the vessels during the time of the photographs in the project! The chart helped the captains navigate to different reefs where they caught a variety of different fish.

To learn more about the fishing locations, visit the “About” page in FISHstory. Go to to get started.
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05/29/20  ·  

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The #FISHstory project is now live!

For-Hire fishing wouldn’t be possible without the right #boat. While most of the FISHstory photos center around the fish, these boats are where the action took place.

Thanks to newspaper articles from the Orlando Sentinel and recollections from Rusty Hudson, we can track the life of these vessels through time, including the rescue of crew from a vessel that sank!

The style and technology on fishing vessels sure has changed throughout the years. Take a look at some of the vessels involved in FISHstory by checking out the “About” section in Zooniverse.

Visit to learn how to get involved.
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05/28/20  ·  

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Identify fish today in #FISHstory!

FISHstory isn’t just about the fish, but the people as well! We wanted to introduce you to some of the #captains within the project. Jack Stone, Bob Stone, and Frank Timmons are the three main captains seen within the FISHstory photos.These captains ran for-hire trips out of #DaytonaBeach, FL and are related to Rusty Hudson, the retired captain who provided photos for the project. Join the FISHstory project and see if you can spot the captains in the photos!

Want to learn more about these captains and their time on the water? Visit the “About” section in the FISHstory project in Zooniverse to learn more about them and the vessels they operated.

Visit to learn more.
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05/27/20  ·  

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South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is with NOAA Fisheries Service.
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

The FISHstory project has launched!

Check out the News Release highlighting the launch at the following link:

It’s now time to start identifying and counting fish in historic dock photos from #Daytona Beach, FL from the 1940s-1970s.

Visit to learn how to get started!
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05/26/20  ·  

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Vision Blueprint

The Vision Blueprint will be used to help guide management of the snapper grouper fishery over the next five to ten years and will...

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