Joint South Florida Amendment

Joint South Florida Amendment

Purpose: A joint amendment that establishes a common set of management regulations developed by a joint committee comprised of representatives of the Gulf Council, the South Atlantic Council, and the State of Florida. The Councils and Florida are evaluating a large suite of management alternatives to address stakeholder concerns, and to more efficiently respond to necessary regulatory changes as they arise.

Proposed actions:  The draft amendment focuses on three species: yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, and black grouper. The amendment includes actions to delegate management of these species to the State of Florida, with fishery management councils setting annual catch limits and accountability measures. In one option, the State would be responsible for setting such measures as size limits, bag limits, trip limits, and other minor modifications to existing allowable gear. Other options include managing each stock as a single unit with an overall combined multi-jurisdictional annual catch limit and actions to modify bag and trip limits. The amendment also allows for modifications to the current seasonal closure for shallow-water grouper and requirements for the use of circle hooks. 

The two Councils met in June 2015 and made changes to the amendment and brought updates to the Gulf in August and the South Atlantic in September 2015. The amendment will be completed in 2016.


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