Managed Species

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is responsible for the conservation and management of many species found in federal waters in the South Atlantic region. For example, a total of 61 species of fish are included in the Snapper Grouper managment complex. Click the link for a list of managed species (pdf).

Fishery management plans developed by the Council include: Coastal Migratory Pelagics (includes king & Spanish mackerel), Coral, Dolphin Wahoo, Ecosystem-Based Amendments, Golden Crab, Habitat, Sargassum, Shrimp (including rock shrimp), Snapper Grouper, and Spiny Lobster. Listed below are species commonly found in the south Atlantic. Many are managed by the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Click on the common name of each species for additional information including illustrations, biological characteristics, current regulations and/or contact information regarding the regulatory agency responsible for its management.

  Common name More Info Species name Regulations FMP
  Gray triggerfish FishBase Balistes capriscus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Almaco jack FishBase Seriola rivoliana SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Atlantic spadefish FishBase Chaetodipterus faber SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Banded rudderfish FishBase Seriola zonata SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Bank sea bass FishBase Centropristis ocyurus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Blackfin snapper FishBase Lutjanus buccanella SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Black grouper FishBase Mycteroperca bonaci SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Black margate FishBase Anisotremus surinamensis see state regulations Snapper Grouper
  Black sea bass FishBase Centropristis striata SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Bigeye tuna FishBase
Thunnus obesus NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Black snapper FishBase Apsilus dentatus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Bluefin tuna FishBase
Thunnus thynnus NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Bluefish FishBase
Pomatomus saltatrix ASMFC
  Blueline tilefish FishBase Caulolatilus microps SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Blue marlin FishBase
Makaira nigricans NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Blue striped grunt FishBase Haemulon sciurus see state regulations Snapper Grouper
  Cero FishBase Scomberomorus regalis SAFMC
Coastal Migratory Pelagics
  Cobia FishBase Rachycentron canadum SAFMC
Coastal Migratory Pelagics
  Coney FishBase Epinephelus fulvus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Cubera snapper FishBase Lutjanus cyanopterus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Dog snapper FishBase Lutjanus jocu SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Dolphinfish FishBase Coryphaena hippurus SAFMC Dolphin Wahoo
  French grunt FishBase Haemulon flavolineatum see state regulations Snapper Grouper
  Gag grouper FishBase Mycteroperca microlepis SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Golden crab SERTC Chaceon fenneri SAFMC Golden crab
  Golden tilefish FishBase Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Goliath grouper FishBase Epinephelus itajara SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Graysby FishBase Epinephelus cruentatus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Gray snapper FishBase Lutjanus griseus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Greater amberjack FishBase Seriola dumerili SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Hogfish FishBase Lachnolaimus maximus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Jolthead porgy FishBase Calamus bajonado SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  King mackerel FishBase Scomberomorus cavalla SAFMC
Coastal Migratory Pelagics
  Knobbed porgy FishBase Calamus nodosus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Lane snapper FishBase Lutjanus synagris SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Lesser amberjack FishBase Seriola fasciata SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Little tunny FishBase Euthynnus alletteratus SAFMC
Coastal Migratory Pelagics
  Mahogany snapper FishBase Lutjanus mahogoni SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Margate FishBase Haemulon album SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Misty grouper FishBase Epinephelus mystacinus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Mutton snapper FishBase Lutjanus analis SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Nassau grouper FishBase Epinephelus striatus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Ocean triggerfish FishBase Canthidermis sufflamen SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  White shrimp SERTC Litopenaeus setiferus SAFMC Shrimp
  Pink shrimp SERTC Farfantepenaeus duorarum SAFMC Shrimp
  Brown shrimp SERTC Farfantepenaues aztecus SAFMC Shrimp
  Rock shrimp SERTC Sicyonia brevirostris SAFMC Shrimp
  Queen snapper FishBase Etelis oculatus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Queen triggerfish FishBase Balistes vetula see state regulations Snapper Grouper
  Red drum FishBase
Sciaenops ocellatus ASMFC Red drum
  Red grouper FishBase Epinephelus morio SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Red hind FishBase Epinephelus guttatus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Red porgy FishBase Pagrus pagrus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Red snapper FishBase Lutjanus campechanus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Rock hind FishBase Epinephelus adscensionis SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Rock sea bass FishBase Centropristis philadelphica SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Sailfish FishBase
Istiophorus platypterus NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Saucereye porgy FishBase Calamus calamus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Scamp FishBase Mycteroperca phenax SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Schoolmaster FishBase Lutjanus apodus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Scup FishBase Stenotomus chrysops SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Sharks FishBase several species NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Sheepshead FishBase Archosargus probatocephalus see state regulations Snapper Grouper
  Silk snapper FishBase Lutjanus vivanus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Snowy grouper FishBase Epinephelus niveatus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Spanish mackerel FishBase Scomberomorus maculatus SAFMC
Coastal Migratory Pelagics
  Speckled hind FishBase Epinephelus drummondhayi SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Spiny lobster FWC Panulirus argus SAFMC
Spiny Lobster
  Swordfish FishBase
Xiphias gladius NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Tiger grouper FishBase Mycteroperca tigris see state regulations Snapper Grouper
  Tomtate FishBase Haemulon aurolineatum SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Vermilion snapper FishBase Rhomboplites aurorubens SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Wahoo FishBase Acanthocybium solandri SAFMC Dolphin Wahoo
  Warsaw grouper FishBase Epinephelus nigritus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Weakfish FishBase
Cynoscion regalis ASMFC Weakfish
  Whitebone porgy FishBase Calamus leucosteus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  White grunt FishBase Haemulon plumieri SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  White marlin FishBase
Tetrapturus albidus NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Wreckfish FishBase Polyprion americanus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Yellowfin tuna FishBase
Thunnus albacares NMFS Highly Migratory Species
  Yellowmouth grouper FishBase Mycteroperca interstitialis SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Yellowtail snapper FishBase Ocyurus chrysurus SAFMC Snapper Grouper
  Yellowedge Grouper Fishbase Epinephelus flavolimbatus   Snapper Grouper
  Yellowfin Grouper       Snapper Grouper


Sargassum fluitans
Sargassum natans

Coral, Coral Reefs and Live/Hard Bottom Habitat

The management unit for coral includes coral belonging to the Class Hydrozoa (fire corals and hydrocorals) and coral belonging to the Class Anthozoa (sea fans, whips, precious corals, sea pens and stony corals). Coral reefs constitute hardbottoms, deepwater banks, patch reefs and outer bank reefs as defined in the Coral, Coral Reefs and Live/Hardbottom Habitat FMP (SAFMC 1982). In addition, live rock comprises living marine organisms, or an assemblage thereof, attached to a hard substrate, including dead coral or rock (but excluding individual mollusk shells).