Meeting Minutes

Beginning in 2018, the Council will host meeting minutes on this page in addition to hosting them in meeting material folders.

2021 December Council Meeting

2021 November Executive Committee Meeting

2021 September Council Meeting

2021 June Council Meeting

2021 March Council Meeting

2020 December Council Meeting

2020 November Recreational Topics Meeting

2020 October Executive Committee Meeting

2020 September Council Meeting

2020 August Executive Committee Meeting

2020 June Council Meeting

2020 March Council Meeting

2019 February Executive Finance Committee Meeting

2019 March Council Meeting:

2019 June Council Meeting:

2019 September Council Meeting:

2019 October Executive Finance Committee Meeting

2019 December Council Meeting:

2018 March Council Meeting:

2018 June Council Meeting:

2018 Rescheduled September Council Meeting

2018 December Council Meeting