East Hump MPA

East Hump deepwater MPA


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Site Description

  • Coordinates: Northwest corner at 24°36.5’N, 80°45.5’W; the northeast corner at 24°32’N, 80°36’W; the southwest corner at 24°32.5’N, 80°48’W; and the southeast corner at 24°27.5’N, 80°38.5’W
  • Location: 13 nautical miles southeast of Long Key, FL
  • Size: 5 X 10 nautical miles

Located near the popular fishing spot called the “Islamorada Hump”, this site is located in waters ranging from 636 ft. to 971 ft. deep, with the tops of the “humps” at 509 ft. to 541 ft. The humps are pinnacle-like formations consist primarily of hardened layers of sandy carbonate sediments and support a diverse array of marine plants and animals, including deepwater corals. The area contains abundant habitat for snapper grouper species such as snowy grouper, golden tilefish and warsaw grouper.