MyFishCount Training Webinars

Join Us for Upcoming MyFishCount Training Webinars

The MyFishCount team is excited to announce a MyFishCount training webinar series this spring in anticipation of the shallow water grouper season (May 1).

MyFishCount is an app that allows fishermen to create a personal fishing log of their offshore catch. The app is being developed as part of a pilot project to explore an electronic method to collect information on private recreational fishing trips. The information collected will be reviewed by managers and scientists to help improve information on offshore fisheries.

All types of anglers are welcome to register for a webinar at the links below.

The purpose of these webinars is to show anglers the following:

  • how to download the app
  • how to create an account
  • how to log "quick trips" and more detailed trip information
  • how to review your personal fishing log