1/17/19 – SAFMC New Release: Council Seeks Applicants for Advisory Panels & Workgroup


January 17, 2019
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Kim Iverson/843-571-4366/kim.iverson@safmc.net

Council Seeks Applicants for Advisory Panels and Workgroup

Applications deadline is February 8, 2019


The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is currently soliciting applicants for open advisory panel seats as well as fishing representatives to serve on the System Management Plan Workgroup. The Workgroup will address future needs of managed areas in federal waters in the South Atlantic. The Council’s advisory panel members provide information and guidance in the development and implementation of federal fishery management plans. The Council has 13 advisory panels composed of individuals who are engaged in the harvest of managed species, or are knowledgeable and interested in the conservation and management of the fishery or managed species. Members include recreational and commercial fishermen, seafood dealers and processors, scientists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as environmental groups, fishing organizations, etc., and concerned citizens.

Advisory panel members are appointed by the Council and serve for a three-year period, based on the frequency of meetings. As those appointments expire, members currently serving on an AP may reapply for their positions. These seats are also open to new applicants. Members may serve three consecutive terms before reaching their multi-term limit.  The Council’s advisory panels generally meet no more than once or twice each year and are compensated for travel and per diem expenses for all meetings. Applications are now being solicited for the following advisory panel positions:


Dolphin Wahoo Advisory Panel                     

  • (1) GA Open Seat


Habitat Advisory Panel 

  • (1) NC Commercial
  • (1) NC Conservation
  • (1) FL Commercial
  • (1) At-Large Research/Geologist Seat


Law Enforcement Advisory Panel                 

  • (1) Open Seat


Mackerel Cobia Advisory Panel                    

  • (2) Open Seats


Shrimp Advisory Panel                                 

  • (1) Open Seat NGO Seat and (1) Open Seat


Deepwater Shrimp Advisory Panel               

  • (3) Open Seats


Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel                 

  • (1) SC Open Seat; (2) GA Open Seats


Spiny Lobster Advisory Panel                      

  • (1) Open Seat



System Management Plan Workgroup Positions

The Council is also soliciting applicants to represent commercial and recreational interests on its System Management Plan (SMP) Workgroup. The workgroup will provide recommendations on managed areas in


Advisory Panels and Workgroup Applicants

federal waters under the Council’s jurisdiction. The Council currently has system management plans in place for Deepwater Marine Protected Areas, Spawning Special Management Zones, and the Oculina Experimental Closed Area. Additional areas will be added, with the goal to eventually have a single System Management Plan in place for all managed areas.

The System Management Plan Workgroup will be responsible for drafting reports on the recommendations for size, configuration, and regulations for managed areas; discussing research, outreach, and enforcement efforts; and commenting on research priorities. The Workgroup will meet two times per year. Travel and per diem expenses will be covered if in-person meetings are held.


Open positions on the System Management Plan Workgroup:


  • Recreational Representatives (1) SC and (1) GA
  • Commercial Representatives (1) GA


How to Apply

Application forms for individual advisory panels and the SMP Workgroup are available online from the Council’s website at: https://safmc.net/about-safmc/advisory-panels/.  For questions about the advisory panel seats please contact Kim Iverson, Public Information Officer, at Kim.Iverson@safmc.netor call the Council office at 843/571-4366. Questions regarding the SMP Workgroup should be directed to Dr. Chip Collier at chip.collier@safmc.netor by calling the Council office.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact area Council representatives to discuss their interest in serving. Contact information for all Council members is available from the “About Us” section of the Council’s website at www.safmc.netor through the Council office.


Advisory panel and workgroup members will be selected during the Council’s March 4-8, 2019 meeting in Jekyll Island, GA. Applications must be received by February 8, 2019 for consideration by the Council during the September meeting.