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The South Atlantic Update, the Council's quarterly newsletter, is published following each Council meeting to keep the public up to date with fishery issues. If you are interested in contributing to the South Atlantic Update or would like to receive a hard copy of the publication, please contact the Council office or email

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Fall 2009
Council approves Deepwater Coral Protection for South Atlantic, an Overview of issues for upcoming public hearings for Snapper Grouper species – including alternatives to end overfishing of red snapper, Snapper Grouper regulations update, a Tribute to Council member Susan Shipman, an Agenda overview for the December 6-11, 2009 Council meeting in Atlantic Beach, NC...and more.

Summer 2009
New regulations for Snapper Grouper species in effect, Deepwater Coral research cruises, Council member Geiger chosen for catch share task force, Ending overfishing for red snapper, Research update on Oculina Bank...and more.

Spring 2009
Red snapper closure requested by Council, 2009 Regulations Update (including MPAs), Connecting Areas of Spawning -Science Profile, Ending Overfishing - Actions under consideration in Snapper Grouper Amendment 17...and more.

Winter 2009
Interim rule for grouper closure denied, Update on Amendment 16 and NMFS open comment period, Overview of Public Hearing/Scoping Meeting Series issues, MPAs implemented, ACL Guidelines approved ... and more.

Fall 2008
Council approves Snapper Grouper Amendment 16 addressing overfishing for gag and vermilion snapper, New Chairman, Vice-Chair Elected; Council requests Interim Rule to address overfishing for gag, black grouper and red grouper beginning January 1, 2009 (includes 4 month spawning season closure for commercial and recreational fishermen), Shrimp Amendment 7 approved by Council to address rock shrimp requirements, ... and more.

Summer 2008
Approval of Snapper Grouper Amendment 15B – eliminating bag-limit sales of snapper and grouper; reappointment of Council Members; update on implementation of Marine Protected Areas; delay of Snapper Grouper Amendment 16 – addressing overfishing for gag grouper and vermilion snapper and added alternatives; Interim Rule – proposed rule to close the red snapper fishery and implement other measures to end overfishing for gag, vermilion snapper, black grouper and red grouper; part II - stock assessment Q&A…and more.

Spring 2008
Overview of recent public hearings and comments regarding Snapper Grouper Amendment 16, update on LAPPs, Q & A about stock assessments, overview of the SEDAR process, update on the Fishery Ecosystem Plan and Comprehensive Ecosystem Amendment...and more.

Winter 2008
Public Scoping Meetings Favored, 2008 Management Overview, LAP Program Exploratory Workgroup Reports in March, Snapper Grouper Amendment 15B Public Hearing Summary...and more

Fall 2007
Public Input Solicited for Snapper Grouper Amendments 15A and 15B, Public Scoping Held for Rock Shrimp Fishery "Use it or Lose It" Provision, Input Plays Role in Alternatives for Gag Grouper and Vermilion Snapper Reductions...and more.

Summer 2007

Amendment 14 (MPAs) approved for submission to the Secretary, Reductions needed to end overfishing of gag and vermilion snapper, FEP on schedule, Mackerel fishing with Ben (Part 2)...and more.

Spring 2007
Council One Step Closer to MPAs, Rock Shrimp Fishery Faces "Use It or Lose It" Clause, Snapper Grouper Allocations, Mackerel Amendment 18 Public Hearings Update, Scoping for Mackerel Amendment 19, Fishing with Ben Hartig...and more.

Winter 2007
Limited Access Privilege Program for Snapper Grouper Fishery, Update on Marine Protected Areas, Snapper Grouper Amendment 15 Overview, Hearings for Mackerel Amendment 18

Fall 2006
New Snapper Grouper Regulations, New Council Chair/Vice-Chair, Ecosystem Roundtable, Changes for Mackerel Management, MPA Public Hearing Summary, Law Enforcement Update

Summer 2006
Public Hearings Scheduled for Marine Protected Areas, Mackerel Regulatory Amendment, Deepwater Coral Areas Proposed

Winter 2006
Measures to End Overfishing for Four Snapper Grouper Species, Amendment 13C Measures, Oculina Bank Law Enforcement, Deep Sea Corals

Fall 2005
Council Scheduled to Approve Amendment 13C, Council Elects Chair, Vice-Chair, Oculina Mission Update, Advisory Panel Openings

Summer 2005
Regulatory Amendment for Snapper Grouper Fishery, Council Member Appointments, Oculina Bank Update

Spring 2005
Fishermen Face Reductions in Snapper Grouper Fishery, Oculina Evaluation Plan Approved

Winter 2005
Council Approves Amendments for Shrimp and Mackerel Fisheries, New S.C. Council Member Appointed, Council Member Tony Iarocci Receives Awards

Summer 2004
Action Plan for Ecosystem-Based Management, New Dolphin/Wahoo Regs

Winter 2004
Dolphin Wahoo FMP Approved; MPA Public Informational Hearings

Fall 2003
Council Moving Forward in Options for Snapper/Grouper; Dolphin Wahoo Comment Period

Summer 2003
Sargassum Management Plan Approved, Council Recommends Oculina Experimental Closed Area Extension

Spring 2003
Snapper Grouper Amend. 13 Modified, Council Mourns Loss of Vice-Chairman, Wayne Lee

Winter 2003
Snapper Grouper Amendment 13, New Rock Shrimp Regulations

Fall 2002
Modifications for Snapper Grouper Amendment 13; New MPA Candidate Site

Winter 2003
Snapper Grouper Amendment 13, New Rock Shrimp Regulations

Summer 2002
Council Working to Rebuild Fisheries

Winter 2002
NMFS Director Sets Tone for Improved Council Relations

Spring 2001
Marine protected areas move forward; Public hearings begin for rock shrimp limited access program