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With all that’s going on in the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed hearing about the Executive Order (EO) on Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness signed by President Trump in May (Read the full EO here).  The Presidential EO is big news for the Council, even though it may not have made the national news networks or even your local newspaper.

President Trump issued the EO to achieve the goals of improving the competitiveness of the American seafood industry, providing environmentally safe and sustainable seafood, removing unnecessary regulatory burdens, among others.  The EO directs the Council to submit a list of recommended actions to reduce burdens on domestic fishing and to increase production within sustainable fisheries and to provide a plan on how it can be done by May 2021.

We would like your help with this task!  The Council will dedicate a large portion of the September meeting to developing the list of recommendations.  Do you have any ideas you’d like to contribute for the Council to consider including as a recommendation to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce?

Guidance from NOAA Fisheries suggests the list of recommended actions could include changes to regulations, the Magnuson-Stevens Act, Presidential executive orders, NOAA Fisheries guidance documents, research and data collection, and fishery investment and improvement projects.  The potential items are almost limitless, except that they must be consistent with the Magnuson-Stevens Act, and other federal legislation.

Some ideas already submitted to Council include revising a closed area boundary to restore access to historic rock shrimp fishing grounds or removing the two-for-one requirement for the Snapper Grouper Unlimited commercial permit.  Do you have ideas on how to improve recreational data collection, or MRIP?  Is there a local infrastructure need that, if met, would boost seafood productivity?  If you have ideas to contribute to the Council’s list of recommendations to reduce burdens and to increase production within domestic fishing send us a comment before September 17, 2020 here:

Information on other topics the Council will be discussing during our virtual meeting in September is also available from the link above.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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