North Carolina: Spawning Special Management Zones

-Inside of the spawning SMZ, fishing for, retention, and possession of fish species in the
snapper-grouper complex will be prohibited year-round by all fishers.
-Anchoring inside the spawning SMZ is prohibited.
-Transit through the spawning SMZ with snapper-grouper species onboard will be
allowed if gear is properly stowed.
-Spawning SMZ will go away after ten years if not reauthorized


South Cape Lookout (Corner Coordinates) North Latitude West Longitude
33° 53.040’ 76° 28.617’
(5.10 sq mile) 33° 52.019’ 76° 27.798’
33° 49.946’ 76° 30.627’
33° 51.041’ 76° 31.424’