October 2015 Visioning Workshop – Briefing Book

Council Visioning Workshop

October 14-15, 2015

Town & Country Inn

2008 Savannah Highway

Charleston, SC  29407



Attachment 1.                       Snapper Grouper Fishery Growth Potential

Attachment 2.                       Vision Blueprint – New Ideas

Attachment 3.                       Draft Vision Blueprint – July 2015

               Attachment 3a.     Draft Vision Blueprint – Management Goal

               Attachment 3b.     Draft Vision Blueprint – Science Goal

               Attachment 3c.     Draft Vision Blueprint – Communication Goal

               Attachment 3d.    Draft Vision Blueprint – Governance Goal

Attachment 4.                     Council Member Survey Results

Attachment 5a.                   Presentation: Using the Vision Blueprint in Amendments

Attachment 5b.                   Stewart, 2008 – Fisheries Management & Ecology paper

Attachment 6.                     Draft Review Plan – Vision Blueprint

Attachment 7.                     Sample Formats for Blueprint

             Attachment 7a.      MAFMC 2015 Implementation Plan

             Attachment 7b.      Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network Strategic Plan

             Attachment 7c.      Department of Interior Strategic Plan