8/25/17 – NOAA Fisheries Announces the Opening of the 2018 Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Competition


NOAA Fisheries is pleased to announce the 2018 Saltonstall-Kennedy (SK) Grant competition is currently open.

This year's solicitation consists of 2 separate submission processes. All interested applicants must submit a 2 page Pre-Proposal to the FFO posted at www.Grants.gov  Applicants interested in submitting a full application after the pre-proposal review process must submit the full application through www.grants.gov.

Please note that under this one Full Funding Opportunity there are two (2) competition links.  Please be sure to submit your pre-proposals to the “PRE PROPOSALS FY18 Saltonstall Kennedy” link by October 10, 2017.  Please be sure to submit your FULL Proposals to the “FULL Proposals FY18 Saltonstall Kennedy” link by January 8, 2018. Be sure to read the FFO and follow the directions closely.

The goal of the SK program is to fund projects that address the needs of fishing communities, optimize economic benefits by building and maintaining sustainable fisheries, and increase other opportunities to keep working waterfronts viable. The FY18 solicitation seeks applications that fall into one of four priorities:

  • Marine Aquaculture
  • Adapting to Environmental Changes and Other Long Term Impacts in Marine Ecosystem
  • Promotion, Development, and Marketing
  • Territorial Science

How to Apply


Step 1: Pre-proposal

For this solicitation all applicants are required to submit a pre-proposal in advance of a full proposal submission.  The pre-proposal process is intended to provide an indication to potential applicants of the technical merit and the relevancy of the proposed project to the SK program before preparing a full proposal.  When drafting a pre-proposal, applicants should clearly convey the management impact and applicability of their proposed research for the priority area to which they are applying. Late or incomplete pre-proposals, as well as those that deviate from content or format requirements, will not be reviewed by NOAA.

  • Go to Grants.gov(recommended browser: Internet Explorer)
  • Click “Applicants” tab and select “Apply for Grants”
  • Click  “Get Application Package”
  • Enter the SK Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-NMFS-FHQ- 2018-2005332
  • Click “Apply” to the “PRE PROPOSALS FY18 Saltonstall Kennedy”

The SF-424 form will serve as a cover page to the pre-proposal. Each pre-proposal may not exceed two pages, single-spaced in at least 12 point font and must provide:

  • Title of project;
  • Background section that sets the stage for the work and identifies which singular priority found in Section I.B (in the FFO) that the pre-proposal addresses directly;
  • Rationale of why the work should be conducted and how it is relevant to the SK Program;
  • Clear statement of objectives and general methodology to be used;
  • Identification of required permits (i.e. ESA, MMPA) and permit numbers, if applicable; and
  • Estimated budget amount;
  • In addition, and not counted towards the two page limit, the applicant must provide:

Pre-proposal must be received at http://www.Grants.gov under the competition link named “PRE PROPOSALS FY18 Saltonstall-Kennedy,” postmarked, or provided to a delivery service by 11:59 pm, Eastern Standard Time, October 10, 2017, 60 days after the posting date of the Federal Funding Opportunity.  NOAA will inform applicants, within 30 days of the pre-proposal due date, if the SK Program encourages or discourages submission of a full proposal.


Step 2: Full Proposal


Full proposals will not be reviewed or evaluated if a pre-proposal was not received and ranked. Full proposals must be received by http://www.Grants.gov, postmarked, or provided to a delivery service by 11:59 pm, Eastern Standard Time, January 8, 2018.. The submission of your full SK application through Grants.gov, the online portal to all Federal grant opportunities, is strongly encouraged.

  • Go to Grants.gov(recommended browser: Internet Explorer)
  • Click “Applicants” tab and select “Apply for Grants”
  • Click  “Get Application Package”
  • Enter the SK Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-NMFS-FHQ- 2018-2005332
  • Click “Apply” to the “FULL Proposals FY18 Saltonstall Kennedy”

Please note applicants must be registered with Grants.gov in order to apply for funding electronically. The registration process can take up to two weeks, so we recommend that applicants start this process as early as possible. Further instructions on how to register with Grants.gov are available.

Detailed guidance on how to prepare proposals is provided in the SK FFO. This document should be read carefully to ensure that proposals meet eligibility requirements and are complete upon submission. Complete instructions for preparing and submitting proposals are also available through Grants.gov.


Who Can Apply


You are eligible to apply for a grant or cooperative agreement under the SK Grant Program if:

  • You are a citizen or national of the United States;
  • You are a citizen of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Palau, or the Federated States of Micronesia; or
  • You represent an entity that is a corporation, partnership, association, or other non-Federal entity, non-profit or otherwise (including Indian Tribes), if such entity is a citizen of the United States, or NMI, within the meaning of section 2 of the Shipping Act, 1916, as amended (46 U.S.C. Section 5050.)

For the full eligibility requirements please review section III Eligibility Information, of the SK FFO.


When to Apply


The annual SK solicitation, published this year on grants.gov on August 11, 2017, is generally published in the fiscal year before the fiscal year in which the awards are made.  The FY18 solicitation will close on January 8, 2018.  Successful applicants are typically announced in August of the following year.

Additionally, NOAA Fisheries will be conducting a webinar on how to find and apply for Fiscal Year 2018 Saltonstall-Kennedy Funding.

FFO Report

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please contact the  Daniel Namur, S-K Program Manager at dan.namur@noaa.gov  or Robert Sadler,  Southeast Region's S-K Regional Manager, at robert.sadler@noaa.gov