French Grunt Regulations

French Grunt

French Grunt

Haemulon flavolineatum

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State Regulations

Biological description:

The French grunt occurs in the Western Atlantic from Bermuda, South Carolina (USA), northern Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Brazil. It occurs in large schools on rocky and coral reefs to depths of 60 m (197 ft). Juveniles are abundant in nearshore seagrass beds. Maximum reported size is 30.0 cm (11.9 in) TL (male).

South Atlantic Federal Regulations

(For areas ranging from 3 to 200 nautical miles off the coasts of NC, SC, GA, and East Florida)

Note: Effective April 16, 2012, French grunt have been removed from the snapper grouper management complex and federal regulations are no longer in effect for this species. See Fishery Bulletin

State regulations may apply:

North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries

South Carolina DNR Marine Resources Division

Georgia DNR Coastal Resources Division

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission