09/22/17 – NOAA Fisheries: FB17-049 – Extension of Valid Period for Vessel and Dealer Permits


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Extension of Valid Period for Vessel and Dealer Permits 



Because of technical difficulties due to Hurricane Irma, the NOAA Fisheries Southeast Region Permits Office is providing an extension of the valid period of any permits for which owners have submitted a renewal application.  Only those expired permits already submitted for renewal to the Southeast Region Permits Office will be considered valid until October 31, 2017.



  • Since the passing of Hurricane Irma, the permit system at the Southeast Regional Office in St. Petersburg, Florida, has experienced unusual delays in permit renewals.
  • Some individuals applied to renew their permits in a timely manner, but have not received new permits due to Hurricane Irma.
  • For permits that are expired but have renewal applications pending at the Southeast Regional Office, the permit expiration will be considered extended until October 31, 2017.
  • This extension applies to all Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic, and Highly Migratory Species vessel permits and dealer permits.
  • Permit transfers will not be processed until the system is functioning.