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Snowy Grouper Wreck Map
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Site Description:

  • Coordinates: Northwest corner at 31°43'N, 79°31'W; the northeast corner at 31°43'N, 79°21'W; the southwest corner at 31°34'N, 79°39'W; and the southeast corner at 31°34'N, 79°29'W
  • Location: 69 nautical miles southeast of the mouth of Wassaw Sound, GA
  • Size: 10 X 10 nautical miles

The area consists of a mud-bottom habitat in waters 295 ft. to 984 ft deep.  Species such as snowy grouper and golden tilefish are often caught within the area, although most fishing is for pelagic species such as tuna and dolphin.  This area is occasionally fished commercially for snapper grouper species but lies east of an area called the "Triple Ledge" that is an important area for commercial fishermen.  Oriented parallel to the coast and shelf break, the area encompasses additional deepwater habitat.