Northern South Carolina MPA

Snowy Grouper Wreck Map
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Site Description:

  • Coordinates: northwest corner at 32°53.5'N, 9 78°16.75'W; the northeast corner at 32°53.5'N, 78°4.75'W; the southwest corner at 32°48.5'N, 78°16.75'W; and the southeast corner at 32°48.5'N, 78°4.75'W
  • Location: Approximately 54 nautical miles from Murrells Inlet, SC
  • Size: Approximately 10 X 5 nautical miles

The area, located southeast of Murrells Inlet, SC, hosts areas of low relief in waters from 164 ft. to 591 ft. deep. Fishermen refer to the area as "smurfville" because it holds many small vermilion snapper. Information received during the public input process indicated that this area is fished mostly in the winter and that it holds deepwater species like snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper and speckled hind as well as red porgy, triggerfish, and gag. The MPA runs east to west and includes hard bottom habitat consisting of eroded rock in shelf edge water depths around 164 feet. The site has the potential of protecting several species of deepwater snappers and groupers, mid-shelf species, and associated habitat.