St. Lucie Hump MPA

Snowy Grouper Wreck Map
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Site Description:

  • Coordinates: Northwest corner at 27°8'N, 80°W; the northeast corner at 27°8'N, 79°58'W; the southwest corner at 27°4'N, 80°W; and the southeast corner at 27°4'N, 79°58'W
  • Location: 9 nautical miles southeast of St. Lucie Inlet, FL
  • Size: 4 X 2 nautical miles

This area, located east of Jupiter, FL, is habitat-rich and harbors speckled hind, juvenile snowy grouper, warsaw grouper, and mid-shelf species such as sea bass, red porgy, and red snapper. Water depths range from 216 ft. to 234 ft. The area is heavily targeted by fishermen trolling for pelagic species and experiences a high level of vessel traffic. This MPA is located between fishing areas to the north and south that are more popular or just as popular; it is anticipated this will help reduce the potential socio-economic impacts to fishermen. The area has high potential for protecting deepwater snapper grouper species as well as some mid-shelf species.