SAFMC Meeting June 12–16, 2006 Briefing Book Final

Briefing book materials are supplied to meeting participants by Council staff two weeks prior to the Council meeting week.  These materials may include drafts of various documents the Council is currently developing, background materials, updates, and reports.  Each briefing book tab contains an overview sheet providing a summary of agenda items under consideration by committee or the full Council. 

Copies of the briefing book materials are available at the Council meeting.   

SAFMC June 2006 Meeting Week Agenda

TAB 1: Scientific & Statistical Committee (SSC)
   Attachment 1: Roadmap 
   Attachment 2: Biological Subcommittee Agenda
   Attachment 3: Socio-Economic Subcommittee Agenda   

TAB 2: Joint Habitat & Ecosystem Committee
   Agenda and Overview
   Attachment 1: Fishery Ecosystem Plan Measures
   Attachment 2: April 2006 Research Priorities Conference Background
         Attachment 2a: FSTTreport033006
         Attachment 2b: JSOST_admwatkins_speech
         Attachment 2c: jsost_wkshp_agenda_041906
         Attachment 2d: NaturalResources
         Attachment 2e: ORPP_P~1
   Attachment 3: April 2006 Research Priorities Conference Background Information
   Attachment 4: Background for Jt. Coral-Habitat AP Meeting
         Attachment 4a: AgHabCoralAPJune06
         Attachment 4b: APListsHabitatCoral
         Attachment 4c: AttachListJune06
         Attachment 4d: Attachment 8a
   Attachment 5: March 2006 Conference Background Information
         Attachment 5a: ECOSYS~1
         Attachment 5b: FEP and CEA partnershipsFinal
         Attachment 5c: FEP process
         Attachment 5d: FEP sort-term needs
         Attachment 5e: Future of EBM in SA

TAB 3: Snapper Grouper Committee
   Agenda and Overview
   Attachment 1: SSC Reports
         Attachment 1a: Cooperative Research Report
   Attachment 2: Snapper Grouper Amendment 14
         Attachment 2a: Initial Econ Analysis for Amendment 14
         Attachment 2b: Draft Amendment 14 (2.73 MB PDF)
   Attachment 3: Shark Bottom Longlining
         Attachment 3a: Shark Bottom Longline Info
   Attachment 4: Amend 14 Team Comments
         Attachment 4a: Amendment 14 Team Comments
   Attachment 5: Biological Opinion
         Attachment 5a: BiOp Material
   Attachment 6: SG Amend 15
         Attachment 6a: Red Porgy Update Projections
         Attachment 6b: Draft Amendment 15 (1.56 MB PDF)
         Attachment 6c: Red Porgy AW Report-25May06  
   Attachment 7: Amend 15 Team Comments
         Attachment 7a: Amendment 15 Team Comments
   Attachment 8: Gag Grouper Preliminary Results
            Attachment 8a: GagExcerpts Tables & Figures
            Attachment 8b: SEDAR 10 gag Prel Results 6-6-06
   Attachment 9: NMFS Presentations
      Attachment 9a: landings with new quotas 6-1-06
      Attachment 9b: SA monitoring jcm
   Attachment 10: Miscellaneous
         Attachment 10a: Ltr from NCDENR-CZM Consistency
         Attachment 10b: SG Amend 13C Notice of Availability 5-18-06
         Attachment 10c: Presentations by Dr. Jim Kirkley (SSC): Econ/Fisheries Mgmt.   Policies  
   Economic Analysis I  Economic Analysis II Economic Analysis III Economic Tools Striped Bass Example
   Bycatch Information
      Read Me File
      Bycatch Presentation
      Amendment 13 Bycatch Alternatives
      Shrimp Amend 6 Bycatch Options
      Shrimp Amend 6 Appendix
      Bycatch Monitoring Amend 15

TAB 4: Mackerel Advisory Panel and Committee Meetings
   Joint Mackerel AP and Committee Meeting Agenda
   Mackerel Committee Agenda
   Attachment 1: King Mackerel Stock Identification
      Attachment 1a: Joint SA&GM SSC mackerel final report 5-24-06
      Attachment 1b: Jt SSC SAFMC-GULF April 06 Minutes
      Attachment 1c: SEDAR 5 Mackerel Review Minutes
   Attachment 2: Shark Fishery & Implications for Mackerel
      Attachmemt 2a: Overfishing of Finetooth Sharks letter from NOAA
   Attachment 3: Framework vs. Plan Amendment
      Attachment 3a: APPENDIX A (currently in place)
      Attachment 3b: Framework for Amendment 16 (proposed changes)
   Attachment 4: Decision Document
      Attachment 4a: 2003 MSAP Report final
      Attachment 4b: ASMFC spanish mackerel05 edits by GTW 6-5-06
      Attachment 4c: DecisionDocMackCom BBook 6-5-06
      Attachment 4d: Ltr fm Hartig re Spanish 6-5-06
      Attachment 4e: SAFMC_Spanish_control-datePropRule

TAB 5: Executive Finance Committee
   Attachment 1: Budget Material
      Attachment 1a: CY 2006 Activities Schedule
      Attachment 1b: CY 2006 Administrative Budget 5_22_06
   Attachment 2: FMP Amend Timelines 2006
   Attachment 3: Regional Operating Agreement (ROA)
      Attachment 3a: ROA 1
      Attachment 3b: ROA 2
      Attachment 3c: ROA 3
      Attachment 3d: ROA 4

TAB 6: SEDAR Committee
   Attachment 1: SEDAR_PlanSchedule May06
   Attachment 2: SAFMC SEDAR Schedule 2-22-06

TAB 7: SSC Selection Committee (Closed Session)

TAB 8: June 2006 Council Session
   Attachment 1: Georgia Aquarium Material   
   Attachment 2: NMFS Status Reports
      Attachment 2a: King & Spanish Mackerel Quota1-2006-07_report 1
      Attachment 2b: NRC Report on the MRFSS
      Attachment 2c: Status of South Atlantic Shrimp Permits
   Attachment 3: Council Calendars